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A great big world feat. Christina Aguilera - Say something A great big world feat. Christina Aguilera - Say something (2014)
Composer: Axel, Vaccarino, Campbell
Label: Epic
Abba - Happy new year Abba - Happy new year (1980)
Composer: Andersson, Ulvaeus
Label: Polygram
Adele - Chasing pavements Adele - Chasing pavements (2008)
Composer: E. White, A. Adkins
Label: XL
Adele - Hello Adele - Hello (2015)
Composer: Adkins, Kurstin
Label: XL Recordings
Adele - Rolling in the deep Adele - Rolling in the deep (2008)
Composer: Atkins, Epworth
Label: XL Recordings
Adele - Send my love Adele - Send my love (2016)
Composer: Martin, Adele, Shellback
Label: XL
Adele - Set fire to the rain Adele - Set fire to the rain (2011)
Composer: Adkins, Fraser T, Smith
Label: XL Recordings
Adele - Skyfall Adele - Skyfall (2012)
Composer: Adele, Epworth
Label: Columbia
Adele - Someone like you Adele - Someone like you (2011)
Composer: Adkins, Wilson
Label: XL Recordings
Adele - Turning tables Adele - Turning tables (2011)
Composer: Adkins, Tedder
Label: XL Recordings
Adele - Water under the bridge Adele - Water under the bridge (2016)
Composer: Kurstin, Adkins
Label: XL
Adele - When we were young Adele - When we were young (2015)
Composer: Adkins, Jesso
Label: XL
Adrian Gurvitz - Classic Adrian Gurvitz - Classic (1982)
Composer: Gurvitz
Label: Magic
Aerosmith - Crying Aerosmith - Crying (1993)
Composer: Perry, Rhodes, Tyler
Label: Geffen
Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing (1998)
Composer: Warren
Label: Sony
Air supply - All out of love Air supply - All out of love (1980)
Composer: Davis, Russell
Label: Arista
Al Stewart - Year of the cat Al Stewart - Year of the cat (1976)
Composer: Stewart
Label: Arista
Alan Parsons project - Old and wise Alan Parsons project - Old and wise (1982)
Composer: Parsons, Woolfson
Label: Arista
Alan Walker - Faded Alan Walker - Faded (2015)
Composer: Froen, Pettersen, Walker, Borgen
Label: Sony
Alanis Morissette - Thank U Alanis Morissette - Thank U (1998)
Composer: Ballard, Morissette
Label: Maverick/Reprise
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