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Kaleo - Way down we go Kaleo - Way down we go (2016)
Composer: Juliusson
Label: Atlantic
Kansas - Dust in the wind Kansas - Dust in the wind (1978)
Composer: Livgren
Label: Columbia
Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel - Don't give up Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel - Don't give up (1987)
Composer: Gabriel
Label: Geffen
Kate Winslet - What if Kate Winslet - What if (2002)
Composer: Hector, Mac
Label: EMI
Katie Melua - Nine million bicycles Katie Melua - Nine million bicycles (2005)
Composer: Batt
Label: Dramatico
Kato - Flamingo Kato - Flamingo (2011)
Composer: Swinnen, Hicklin, Callebaut
Label: Sony
Kaye Styles and Johnny Logan - Don't cry Kaye Styles and Johnny Logan - Don't cry (2006)
Composer: Logan, Styles
Label: Mostiko
Kc and the sunshine band - Please don't go Kc and the sunshine band - Please don't go (1979)
Composer: Casey, Finch
Label: TK
Kci and Jojo - All my life Kci and Jojo - All my life (1998)
Composer: Bennett, Hailey
Label: MCA
Kelly Clarkson - Because of you Kelly Clarkson - Because of you (2006)
Composer: Clarkson, Hodges, Moody
Label: RCA
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway (2006)
Composer: Benante, Gerrard, Lavigne
Label: RCA
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