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3T released their debut album 'Brotherhood' in 1995. The album sold approximately three million copies worldwide. The group achieved an international hit with their debut single "Anything," and released several hit singles in Europe, including" 24/7 "," Why "(a duet with their uncle, Michael Jackson)," I Need You "(with a brief vocal appearance by Michael)," Tease Me "and" Gotta Be You." In 1996, they were ranked second, behind the Spice Girls, as the biggest-selling group in Europe. 3T have also written and produced songs for soundtracks to films as 'The Jacksons: An American Dream', 'Free Willy' and 'Free Willy 2', 'Men in Black', and 'Trippin'.

After signing with the French label TF1/NRJ in 2003, 3T continued to perform in France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The group signed with the Dutch label Digidance in 2004 for Dutch releases, appearances and performances. The album titled 'Identity' was released on March 23, 2004. Two singles were released: "Stuck On You"(a cover of the Lionel Richie song) was released in 2003 in France and Belgium, in 2004 in the Netherlands, and "Sex Appeal" in 2004. Neither single was released outside of Europe. In 2008, 3t made 'Identity' available on both itunes and worldwide.

Currently all 3 of them appear on the new A&E TV show entitled The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty. They appear with their father Tito, who is trying to convince them to relaunch their career.

On January 31, 2010, 3T was on stage at the 52nd Grammy Awards with Michael's children Paris and Prince Michael, who accepted the 'Michael Jackson Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award' on behalf of their father.
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