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Elton John and David Furnish still want to adopt
David, 47, says he and the 62-year-old pop legend – who married in an extravagant civil ceremony in 2005 – still want to open their home up to a disadvantaged child, despite being prevented from adopting two brothers from the Ukraine.

Elton and David tried to adopt 17-month-old boy Lev – who has a three-year-old brother Artyom – this year but were stopped as their civil partnership isn't recognised in the Eastern European country and the 'Rocket Man' singer is too old under Ukrainian law.

David – who along with Elton was offered a guardian role in the child's life - said: 'We want to support Lev and his brother and get them into a Ukrainian home and out of the orphanage.

'We were upset not to be allowed to adopt but we'll fight and work with the Ukrainian government to change the law so that HIV positive children can be adopted.

'We'll be like uncles. They can visit us on holidays.'

He said he and Elton – who was hospitalised after he was diagnosed with the E. coli bacterial infection and influenza in September – will be taking time out at Christmas to consider their options.

He told New magazine: 'That's part of what Christmas will be about – a chance to get out the treadmill and chill out. There is a lot to talk about.'
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