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Leona Lewis says she is a 'good diva'
She said: 'The term 'diva' has such a negative connotation, but I see myself as a kind of good diva. I'm a next-door diva.'

To further prove her 'good diva' credentials, Leona insists she doesn't make extravagant demands or make expensive purchases like many of her pop star contemporaries.

'Happy' singer Leona – who spent several months recording her new album 'Echo' in Los Angeles – added in an interview with Petra magazine: 'The biggest things I've bought are a house and my two cars. One of the cars is a Mini Cooper. But in Los Angeles I always drive a Hybrid Toyota Prius which is very environmentally friendly.'

One star famed for her diva-like demands is Mariah Carey who recently revealed her pet dogs Cha Cha and JJ had their own entourage when she shot a recent commercial.

She previously said: 'I had my team with me but the pups had a mini entourage of their own, of course! And why wouldn't they? It was a big shoot and even my entourage had an entourage - my stylist had an assistant, my security had extra security.

"The shoot was based on the fact that some people think I'm a demanding diva. I have no idea why people have that impression!"
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Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis:

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