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Kylie Minogue's boyfriend injured on slopes
Kylie Minogue's new boyfriend has injured himself during a skiing holiday in the French Alps.

The 'Wow' singer is nursing underwear model Andres Velencoso Segura back to health after he fell on the slopes at renowned ski resort Chamonix.

A source said: 'Kylie and her boyfriend went to a local surgery after he had a fall. He was clutching his arm but didn't look too unhappy – Kylie was looking after him.'

Kylie, 40, and Andres, 30, have spent the first few days of January in a £10,000-a-week chalet, where Kylie convinced Andres to try out her favourite sport.

A source said: 'Andres had never been snowboarding before but Kylie loves it. It shows how much he is into her that he was prepared to give it a go.

She paid for an instructor for him as well.'

The pair also displayed their affection for each other while enjoying the nightlife in the resort.

The source added: 'They looked like a loved-up couple in the bars in the evening. They both looked so happy. It was great to see."

The pair were first photographed together at a party in Paris in October, but Kylie - who split with French actor Olivier Martinez in 2007 - insisted they weren't dating.
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