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James Morrison caught having sex by his friend's dad
James Morrison was once caught having sex by his friend's dad.

The 'You Give Me Something' singer was getting intimate with a girl in a bathroom when he was interrupted by his pal's father.

He said: "When I was much younger, my mate's grandmother had a flat that was empty, so I took a girl back there. We were at it in the bathroom when my mate's dad walked in. Thankfully, he saw the funny side and didn't throw me out with my trousers around my ankles. It put me off my stride a bit though."

The 24-year-old star - who has a six-month-old daughter with girlfriend Gill - had a string of failed romances until he learnt to treat women mean.

He said: "I got dumped so many times when I was younger. I learnt early on that being 'Mr. Nice Guy' doesn't always work when it comes to girlfriends. I remember one girl saying to me, 'Look, James, I think you're beautiful, but you're just too nice.' All I actually wanted to do was treat somebody well, but clearly that didn't work."
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James Morrison
James Morrison:

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