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R. Kelly failed to pay brother
R. Kelly reportedly owes his brother money after hiring but not paying him.

According to TMZ, the singer asked his older brother Bruce to play personal assistant and driver for him, promising his sibling $700 a week in return.

Bruce is thought to have upheld his part of the verbal agreement, performing food runs for the star and driving him around, even putting in overtime. But R. Kelly didn't make good on his part according to the website, with Bruce never seeing any money.

TMZ claims to have obtained documents filed with the labour board in Illinois, which detail Bruce waiting for up to 12 hours in the car for his brother. They also claim to have been in touch with R. Kelly's sibling, who told them he spoke to the singer about the $11,000 he's owed, but it fell on deaf ears.

Bruce decided to take action after three month because he's "not working for nobody, not even his brother, for free".

The labour board is investigating the claim and R. Kelly's reps haven't responded to calls for comment.

Bruce isn't the only one demanding money from the star. R. Kelly was supposed to play a gig back in April but refused to take to the stage at the last minute.

Outraged concertgoers demanded refunds but faced a difficult battle.

At least one fan managed to get almost all of his money back thanks to 3TV's investigative unit 3 On Your Side. Concert promoters arranged for two men to meet the male fan at a restaurant, where a sum of $480 was handed over in cash.
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