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Mariah Carey ignited 'illegal fireworks'
Mariah Carey reportedly ignited illegal fireworks while celebrating America's Independence Day.

The singer joined millions of Americans to celebrate the country's 237th birthday on July 4.

According to Radar Online, Mariah broke the law doing it.

The website was first to report the singer had shared a picture of herself Thursday night holding a sparkler on a terrace with New York City's Empire State Building illuminated in patriotic red, white and blue in the background.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned sparklers and other fireworks from the metropolitan.

A notice on the New York City government website clearly bans the practice.

"In New York City, all consumer fireworks including sparklers are illegal to use, buy, sell, or transport," it states.

The city also offers rewards of up to $1,000 "for the arrest and conviction of people selling, storing, or transporting fireworks" and may seize any vehicle transporting them.

Mariah hardly seemed worried about being taken into custody.

She posted another snap of herself smiling at the camera wearing a flowing white top and matching shorts over a red bikini.

She made it clear the day was about celebrating with family.

In addition to the selfies, the star also shared a photo of her son, Moroccan, with husband Nick Cannon.

The two-year-old twin was holding onto a bundle of glittering stars with his teeth in the adorable snap.
"Festive Roc!" Mariah wrote.

The singer has yet to address allegations about her "illegal" activities Thursday.
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Mariah Carey
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