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Céline Dion: I might have more kids
Céline Dion says the 'chapter is not closed' when it comes to having more children.

The singer and her husband René Angélil have three kids, son René-Charles and twins Eddy and Nelson.

The 44-year-old struggled to conceive and despite having three healthy sons, she wouldn't say no to more kids.

"I thought for several years that [not having children] was maybe the price to pay,' she told French channel TF1.

'I have a great career, an extraordinary life; I thought maybe I would never have the chance to become a mother one day. Right now I'm enjoying time with my children but that chapter is not closed."

Céline has enjoyed great success with her singing career, producing hits such as the Titanic soundtrack My Heart Will Go On.

Despite her fame and fortune, the Canadian singer prefers to focus on things closer to home.

"The real things are what's happening between the songs; the moments I spend during my private life,' she explained.

Céline has dabbled in television, making appearances on sitcom The Nanny and American soap All My Children.

The singer also starred in musical documentary Celine: Through the Eyes of the World, which told the story of her life and career.

She would eventually like to go into movies.

"It will be great for me to do cinema when I am a little bit more mature,' she revealed to France's TV magazine.
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Celine Dion
Celine Dion:

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It's all coming back to me now
Call the man
My heart will go on
Because you loved me
Think twice
That's the way it is

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