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Adele's 'baby gender debate'
Adele and her boyfriend are reportedly disagreeing about finding out the sex of their baby.

The British singer is expecting her first child with partner Simon Konecki. The couple can't wait for the baby's birth, but are struggling to decide if they should find out if they are having a boy or a girl.

'They've talked about names and have been playfully bickering about whether to find out the sex!' a source told British magazine Look.

Adele is thoroughly looking forward to motherhood. She has kept a low-profile of late and is believed to have thrown herself into preparing for the new arrival.

As well as reportedly making an album of nursery rhymes to play to her firstborn, Adele has also been thinking about the nursery.

'Adele can't wait to get started on the preparations and has given the builders detailed instructions,' the source added. 'She's gone into full-blown nesting mode and her living room is covered in colour swatches and tester pots of paint! They haven't bought much yet, but Adele's spending a lot of time on baby websites.'

It has been rumoured Adele could give birth as early as September.
Source: music-news

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