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Mariah Carey performs as mom for first time
Mariah Carey has performed for the first time since giving birth to her twin babies.

The singer took to the stage to celebrate the launch of a Disney Cruise Ship.

The new vessel was aptly named Fantasy, which is also one of the star's hits.

Mariah said she can't wait to take her family on a Disney cruise holiday.

'I christen thee Disney Fantasy. May God bless this ship and all who sail on it I'm going to love bringing my new babies here,' she said at the star-studded New York launch, UK newspaper The Daily mail reports.

Looking stunning in a skin-tight black mermaid gown and dripping in diamonds, the pop star then took to the stage to perform hits including It's Like That, Obsessed and I'll Be There.

Twins Monroe and Moroccan weren't at the event but the cute babies never strayed far from their mother's mind.

She then joked that her offspring haven't quite developed a taste for showbiz yet.

"It's my first performance since having dem babies!' Mariah told the crowd. "Do you love them babies? Cause I do. I really wanted to bring them here tonight, but Monroe is sometimes shy and takes a while to warm up to an audience. Rock and roll! Nah, but it's late. It's time for them to be asleep."

Mariah then dedicated her ballad Always Be My Baby to her two children.
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Mariah Carey
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Without you
All I want for christmas is you
I'll be there
Touch my body
I want to know what love is
All I want for Christmas is you

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