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Madonna: Women inspire me
Madonna was inspired by 'women who lived in a man's world' when she was younger.

The singer has also worked in movies and designed clothing lines. She hopes to show younger people anything is possible if they put their minds to it and has opened up about what drove her when she was growing up.

'Frida Kahlo, Martha Graham, Tina Modotti' women who were artists, freedom fighters, political activists, women who lived in a man's world and found their way in it,' she explained.

Madonna has a teenage daughter called Lourdes who she is raising to be independent.

Although the star admits Lourdes was impressed with her directorial debut W.E., she laughed when asked if the youngster looked up to the characters in it.

'She loves it, but no, definitely not! She's her own character. She wants to be an actress,' Madonna told Look magazine.
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