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Adele 'struggling with fame'
Adele is said to be finding the 'trappings of the celebrity lifestyle' difficult to handle.

The British singer has enjoyed huge success worldwide with her latest record 21. She's had to take time off recently to undergo throat surgery though, which has reportedly got her thinking about the way her life is heading.

'Adele is in a terrible way. It started with concerns over her throat, but now the problem seems much bigger,' a source told the UK edition of Grazia magazine. 'She loves singing and it is her life, but she is not at all comfortable with all the trappings of the celebrity lifestyle. It has got to the stage where she barely leaves the house because she hates being recognised.'

The singer had an operation to treat a benign polyp in her throat. Although it went well, she's said to be worried it might have adversely affected her voice.

'If she hears one of her songs on the radio, she immediately switches it off as it reminds her of what she stands to lose,' the insider added. 'She cites the singer Julie Andrews as an example of someone whose voice was never the same after throat surgery.'
Source: music-news

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