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Kelly Clarkson: I can't compete with Lennon
Kelly Clarkson doesn't think her 'fun' pop music can compete with John Lennon's lyrics.

The American songstress rose to fame after winning the inaugural season of hit show American Idol in 2002.

Kelly is renowned for her rock ballads and uplifting pop songs.

The 29-year-old singer says comparisons shouldn't be drawn between songs in the charts today and those created by legends such as The Beatles or Bob Dylan.

' mean maybe,' she replied when asked if there's too much pressure on artists to produce good music nowadays. 'But I'm not one of those... I'm making pop music, and I mean, we're not writing Imagine by John Lennon here...

'What I'm saying is, I'm not trying to be Bob Dylan. My goal is to make ' and the music I like ' is fun, mainstream music. That's what I'm meant to do.'

Kelly is known for her tear-jerking ballads, and she has discussed kissing habits.

The star finds it incredibly odd when people lock lips with their eyes still open.

'It's that thing about people who kiss with their eyes open! If you kiss with your eyes open there's something really wrong with you psychologically. I mean, who kisses with their eyes open?' she quipped in an interview with NME magazine.

'That would be so weird, you're so close.'
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Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson:

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