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Lady Gaga happy working in pig sty
Lady Gaga was 'so happy' working in a pig sty for three days while shooting for her Yoü and I video.

The American songstress was filming her new video in Nebraska while completing a number of other sideline projects. The star collaborated with fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh to shoot her Harper's Bazaar cover and they also worked on a series of fashion films at the same time.

The first film features Gaga as her 'nymph' alter ego, and Inez says the eccentric star was more than happy to let herself go in less-than-glamorous surroundings.

"We built a studio in a pig sty and worked for three days with her constantly coming off set to us and filming with us and taking pictures. What's incredible in there is that this is Gaga, as herself in the character that she is, related to the Yoü and I video, and it's purely her,' Inez explained.

"You can tell, especially in the one that came out now, she's so happy and she's loving her life and she's really, you can tell, she's reaching her full potential. It's a complete being."

Inez described Gaga's alter ego. The photographer says the 25-year-old looked amazing in character.

"It's a very pure being, and it's kind of like the sweetest, most ethereal side of her," she added.

"And you know when you meet her, she's so real."

Inez & Vinoodh are working with Gaga to produce the rest of the short films.

The duo says the singer is keen to merge fashion with her music.

"She asked us to make these videos as a bridge between fashion and rock and roll, and since both are kind of equally important for her as an inspiration and starting point," they explained.

"So, she really said to us, 'Do your thing, what you would do in fashion context,' let's say, but relate it to the characters that she is in the Yoü and I video."
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