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Lady Gaga: Fans will 'not be disappointed' with show
Lady Gaga assures fans that they will 'not be disappointed' with her upcoming MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) performance.

The American songstress, who is known for her spectacular stage antics, is opening this year's prestigious music event and has revealed she has quite a show planned for the audience. She hints that the upcoming performance may be connected to previous productions in some way.

"I would say that my life is one continuous performance,' Lady Gaga told MTV News. "And that, in a way, all performances of mine relate to one another. And you will not be disappointed."

In 2009, when Gaga appeared for the first time at the VMAs, she performed her song Paparazzi. The show ended with Lady Gaga looking lifeless onstage seemingly bleeding to death. She had trouble getting MTV executives to green light her plans.

"I'll just never forget when I spoke with MTV for the first time and I explained the whole performance with them, and I remember the second that I finished, it was crickets," Lady Gaga recalled.

Concerned about her appearing in a declining condition, the singer's record label inquired as to whether or not she was willing to appear in that state before her fans.

The eccentric star believed that the theatrics was just an honest expression of her creativity.

"I said, 'You know, I imagine that my pop career could be quite long and people will wonder for a very long time what my demise will look like, so why don't we show them?'' she said.

The MTV Video Music Awards will be held on August 28.
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Lady Gaga
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