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Fergie admits drug addiction could lead to both 'brilliance and disaster'
Fergie admits her drug addiction could lead to both "brilliance and disaster".

The Black Eyed Peas singer successfully fought a battle against a dependency on illicit substance crystal methamphetamine ' known as crystal meth ' and thinks the days of her excesses had both good and bad points.

She said: "I think that sometimes it leads to brilliance and other times it leads to disaster. That's my answer."

Fergie's bandmate Taboo has also previously battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol and admits his lifestyle in the band made it difficult to give up his deadly habits.

He said: "The excess of partying for me was out of control and it just let me to a place where I crashed really hard. It wasn't just about me, I was damaging my family and almost my career.

"The thing is, when you do have that addictive personality and you have success and fame, it's there every night. And you partake. And you get caught up, 'Oh, I'll stop tomorrow.' I'd look at myself in the mirror and say, 'I'm going to stop,' and next day go to the drug dealer. But I bounced back."
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