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Adele looks to go more acoustic on new album
Adele wants her next album to be more acoustic.

The 'Set Fire to the Rain' singer wants to take total control of her next record ' the follow-up to '21', which was released in January ' and already has some ideas in mind for the LP.

She said: "I've accumulated some things to write about again. I'd go into the studio tomorrow if I could.

"It won't be a big production. I want it to be quite acoustic and piano-led.

"I want to write it, record it all, produce it all and master it on my own.

"I think it'll take a lot longer because I want to do it this way. When I move house in the summer, my sound engineer is going to come and help me install a studio and teach me how to use it."

'21' has already sold six million copies worldwide, but Adele insists she isn't worried about matching its success.

She added to Q magazine: "I don't really care about expectations. There was enough of it with this record.

"If you deliver the songs I think you get away with it. I'm not bothered. I'm not expecting my next record to be as big as this one. That's impossible."
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