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Fergie is unsure about joining social media sites like Facebook
The Black Eyed Peas beauty prefers to swerve away from social networks, claiming she is too shy. However, she concedes that she may yet have her first Facebook page to see what the fuss is all about.

'My shoe line and my fragrances have Facebook pages but personally I haven't done it yet, I'm going to, I'm thinking about it,' she said on French TV. ' am a little bit shy about it.'

Her fellow band member shares her doubts, adding that people should be wary of internet friends. He fears too many people rely on people they befriend online and don't spend time meeting new people when they're out and about.

'The internet uses the word friend but in a bad way, so you got friends on Facebook but you don't know these people,' he explained. 't's good for some things but not for friendship. And you can't believe everything you see on the internet.'
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