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Lady Gaga can't remember her post-Grammys party because she was 'drunky Gaga'
Lady Gaga can't remember her post-Grammys party because she was 'drunky Gaga'.

The singer scooped three accolades at the ceremony on Sunday night (13.02.11) and confessed she toasted her victories with several alcoholic drinks.

When quizzed on how she celebrated her success on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno', she said: ' don't remember very much, I know it was fun, I do remember being called drunky Gaga at some point.'

The eccentric pop superstar also revealed the 'egg' she was brought to the ceremony in and 'hatched' out of on stage was actually a vessel.

She explained: 'Well Hussein Chalayan who designed it said, 'Make sure you tell everyone it's a vessel.' I said. 'OK I will.' I was in there for three days, it was temperature controlled.'

The 24-year-old artist also sent her team into a panic just two days before her performance of 'Born This Way' at the Grammys because she decided to change everyone's stage outfits.

She said: ' designed all the clothes for myself and for the dancers and two days before the performance I changed everything because I didn't like the clothing. I felt so bad because the House of Gaga was up all night and red eyed and I was like, 'I hate it. We have to change everything.' And they were like, 'OK.'

'The problem was they looked like dancers in the outfits we had and I'm so close with everyone that's in the House of Gaga, like Laurieann Gibson my choreographer, all the creatives and we're all so close that I don't want the band and the dancers to feel like the band and the dancers behind me because really the performance of 'Born This Way' is about all of them it's about togetherness.'
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