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Lady Gaga lets her lovers call her by her real name
Lady Gaga lets her lovers call her by her real name.

The eccentric singer ' whose real name is Stefani Germanotta ' admits she would be 'freaked out' if anyone used her on stage persona to refer to her in the bedroom.

Asked by '60 Minutes' interviewer Anderson Cooper how he should address her, she said: "Call me Gaga. Some people do call me Stefani. Especially in bed."

Anderson then commented: "You don't want somebody yelling out 'Lady Gaga' in the throes of passion.'

Laughing, Gaga ' who is in a relationship with bar manager Luc Carl - replied: "No. Especially then. No. That would freak me out."
The '60 Minutes' special featuring Lady Gaga is due to air in the US on Sunday (13.02.11).

An earlier preview clip of the show featured the 24-year-old singer returning to her old New York apartment ' only for the current tenant to refuse to let her in or even open the door as she didn't want to be filmed.

Instead, the 'Bad Romance' hitmaker showed Anderson a box of personal mementos, including the sheet music to the first song she ever wrote, which was entitled 'Dollar Bills'.

She recalled: "This was actually the very first song I ever wrote. I think I was four."
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