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Adele wants to find her own sound
The 'Someone Like You' singer loves to experiment with different genres but hopes to one day create records that are distinctive and instinctively recognisable as hers.

She said: ''d like to find my own sound. Not something new, just something that's right for me. A definitive sound, like when you hear a song and know who it is straight away.

'But after discovering all this music in America, it's like there's another million genres, it's going to take a whole lifetime to listen to what's out there. I wonder what I'll discover next, and that's exciting.'

The 22-year-old singer's new album '21' is heavily influenced by country music, which Adele says is because she likes the way of telling a story.

She explained: 'Contemporary records can take three minutes to get to the point, and sometimes you don't know what the song was about even when it's finished.

'Whereas in the first 20 seconds of a country song you know exactly what's going on.

' found it easy to imagine myself in those situations and kind of pick an old memory of mine and think about it as I listened.

' like the feel, it's quite euphoric and triumphant-sounding but also really dangerous and bitter. It's more emotional than pop music.'
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