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Mariah Carey wants to buy Michael Jackson's old sofa
The 'Obsessed' hitmaker has ordered her interior designer Kenneth Bordewick to place bids for a living room set owned by the late singer at the Michael Jackson Anniversary Day Auction, held by Julien's in Las Vegas on friday (25.06.10).

The set – which was purchased to be used in the London mansion he was going to rent while undertaking his 'This Is It' residency - is among a number of special items up for sale, including the glove worn by Michael on his 1984 'Victory Tour' and the last autograph he ever signed before his death of acute Propofol intoxication a year ago today (25.06.10).

The auction has been opposed by Michael's brother Randy, who is adamant his superstar sibling didn't want it to go ahead.

Writing on his twitter page, Randy said 'My bro stopped this auction before... I will do my best with Julien Auction House but I can only do so much. Ultimately my mom has the power to stop this, not me. This frustrates me. I know my brother wouldn't want this."
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Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey:

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All I want for Christmas is you

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