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Mariah Carey is the 'Diva of all divas' says hubby
Nick Cannon says his wife Mariah Carey is the 'diva of all divas'.

The rapper-and-presenter admits his superstar spouse lives up to her demanding reputation and he claims she takes five hours to get ready when they go out.

Nick said in an interview on 'Lopez Tonight': 'Imagine if you've got the diva of all divas. If we've got to be somewhere at five or six o'clock, I tell her it's time to go at noon so she gets those five hours to do what she needs to do.'

Although she likes to keep him waiting, the 29-year-old star has never been happier and says he and Mariah, 41, are always having fun.

He added: 'We are both kids at heart. She is the funniest person ever and she has a great sense of humour. We connect at a spiritual level.'

Nick is also adamant the 12-year age gap between him and Mariah isn't a problem, because he has always preferred women that have been 'a little older' than him.

He said: "I even lost my virginity to an older lady. She was in high school and I was in junior high."
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Mariah Carey
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