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Mariah Carey's husband wants to known as 'Mr. Carey'
Nick Cannon likes being known as 'Mr. Carey'.

The actor-and-rapper – who married Mariah Carey following a whirlwind romance last year – doesn't mind when people say his wife is more famous than him, claiming he just takes the teasing in his stride.

Asked how he feels when people say cruel things about his wife, Nick replied: 'My heart goes out to my wife every time she has to hear something like that. I don’t care about nothing, I'm just silly. I make fun of me all the time, I'm like, 'Call me Mr. Carey, who cares?'

Nick added he feels 'blessed' to be with Mariah.

He told US TV show 'Extra': 'I’m blessed to have a partner that's truly one of those people that affect the world.'

Mariah was equally as gushing about her husband, revealing the secret to the couple's happy relationship is that they are not afraid to tell each other exactly how they feel.

She said: 'The secret to me is realising when you meet the right person and being brave enough to dive in and say this is the right person for me. We have fun like nobody’s business.'
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Mariah Carey
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