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Westlife singer nearly bit bandmate's ear off
The Westlife singer is the biggest drinker in the group but often stuns the rest of the band – Mark Feehily, Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne – with his antics while intoxicated.

Mark revealed: "He bites everybody – he bit my ear and nearly took the lobe off."

Despite Kian's drunken behaviour, the 'Flying Without Wings' hitmakers insist they are proud how none of them have ever gone completely off the rails.

Nicky said: "We see so many people who've lost the plot, we haven't fallen into that trap."

The group were rocked in 2004 when Brian McFadden announced he was leaving the band, and the remaining members admit they didn't expect to carry on too much longer as a result.

Mark said: "When Brian left we wondered, thought we'd slowly fall apart, Brian would be the Robbie."

Nicky added to British TV talk show host Jonathan Ross: 'Managing to survive brought us closer together."

However, if the band do decide to recruit a fifth member in future, they have an unlikely fan in Courtney Love.

The controversial star – who was also a guest on 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross', which airs in the UK tomorrow (12.02.10) – told them: "If we join forces we could rule the world."
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