How to listen to Slow Radio

First, you'll need to make sure you have a compatible player. Our highest quality streams are 128k MP3 stream; followed by our 64k MP3 stream; 48 kbps aacPlus stream and 32k MP3 streams.

We have an Orban aacPlus plugin available for Windows Media Player, it's a quick install and then you can listen to our excellent sounding aacPlus feeds right in your Windows Media player!

If you are listening at work and find that you can't access our MP3 streams (some corporations block streaming MP3 radio), please try our '128 firewall stream' as most corporate firewalls don't restrict them.

Get a Player

Windows: Winamp
MacOS: iTunes
Linux/Unix: XMMS
Linux KDE Desktop: amaroK
Multiple Platforms (incl. Linux & Mac): VLC
Multiple Platforms (incl. Linux & Mac): Flash

There are many other mp3 players out there that will work. These are the ones that seem to work the best. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully.

If you want to stream Slow Radio on your land in Second Life,
please use this url:

  (128 Kbps)
  (128 Kbps)
  (128 Kbps)
  (128 Kbps)
  (128 Kbps)
  (128 Kbps)
  (64 Kbps (AAC+))
  (64 Kbps (AAC+))
  (64 Kbps (AAC+))
Get a player:

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We depend completely on the generous voluntary support that we get from listeners like you.

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