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Schwarze Lorenzo
Posted: 06.11.2015 02:14:09 AM
Todo mi día con uds escuchándolos y recordando mi época de juventud...Gracias
Mike Sanders Mike Sanders017
Posted: 17.10.2015 07:35:16 PM
Great music, brings back so many good memories.
Samira Rmouch
Posted: 25.09.2015 09:22:18 PM
Thanks a lot.
Coba Coke
Posted: 20.07.2015 11:45:50 PM
You made my night beautiful.
Thank you so much.
Valcy Valcy Junior
Posted: 18.07.2015 06:08:29 AM
love slowradio
Agnes Agnieszka
Posted: 12.07.2015 08:10:01 PM
greatings from Poland for the radio and all listeners, wish you nice evening with music
Tim Kiwalazima
United States
Posted: 28.06.2015 10:41:46 AM
You Rock! You make my 8 hours at work flow smooth with all the cool music.
Thanks a lot.
Guanziroli Franco
Posted: 22.06.2015 08:09:15 PM
Lovely Radio
Mário Máriolima
Posted: 26.05.2015 03:06:00 AM
Amo demais!
Paul Winsmore
United Kingdom
Posted: 13.05.2015 12:47:53 AM
awesome radio station
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