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Leona Lewis takes sanctuary in police station
The 'Bleeding Love' singer – who was punched by a fan at a book signing last week - had ventured outside her London home for the first time since the attack yesterday (19.10.09) when minders became concerned she was being tailed.

Her spokesman said: 'She was being followed by about a dozen photographers and things were getting scary.

'She dived into the nearest police station, waited there for a while as things calmed down, then was able to continue on her way.'

Leona was at Grove Hall Garage in east London when she sought help from officers.

A police spokesman confirmed: 'We were alerted at 2.30pm to a potentially dangerous situation outside the garage. Officers attended and escorted a 24-year-old woman to a place of safety.'

Leona was hit in the face by 6ft 5ins Peter Kowalcyzk as she signed copies of her new book 'Dreams' in London.

Peter was taken away by police and has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell has given a track meant for Leona to Irish boy band Westlife.

The music mogul decided the ballad, penned by Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean and OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder, was better suited to a male voice.

AJ confirmed: 'Ryan and I wrote the song for the new Backstreet album, but it didn't make it.

'When Simon heard it he loved it, and initially wanted it to go on the new Leona record. Then he decided it was more of a boy band song.'
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Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis:

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