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Sir Elton John to have street named after him
Sir Elton John is to have a street named after him.

Councillors in the London borough of Harrow are considering honouring their most famous former resident following a Local Government Network report which encourages the celebration of local heroes.

Deputy leader of Harrow Council Councillor Susan Hall said: "We are supportive of any initiative that supports pride in our streets and strengthens a sense of community.

"As long as local people back the idea, in Harrow we could look at Elton John Avenue or similar to mark the achievements of a true international achiever.

“I saw Sir Elton in Las Vegas earlier this year and thought he was wonderful.

"He is a real showman. He came from humble beginnings and it shows that if you have talent and drive you can become as famous as him."

The council will discuss their proposals with the 61-year-old star – who was born Reginald Dwight – before unveiling the scheme in a full council meeting early in the New Year.

Under the scheme, other possibly names being considered for the honour include ‘Foundations’ star Kate Nash, comedian Matt Lucas, and singers Simon Le Bon, Billy Idol and Peter Andre.
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