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Clarkson 'excited' about Valentine's Day
Kelly Clarkson is 'excited' about spending Valentine's Day in an untraditional way.

The 32-year-old singer, who is married to her manager Brandon Blackstock, will be marking the romantic occasion with a set at famous London club G-A-Y, with her performance kicking off at 2AM according to the venue's Facebook event page.

Although she'll be singing instead of sharing a traditional night with her other half, the songstress is looking forward to spending Valentine's Day this way.

'No, it's amazing!' she gushed to Cover Media on whether she is annoyed with performing on the holiday. 'My husband is so excited my band is so excited. I lucked out that he's a manager [so he can travel with me].'

Kelly shares eight-month-old daughter River Rose with Brandon.

And her perfect date night with husband Brandon involves some family time.

'A perfect date for me, is because we go all the time, it's really nice when he just cooks steaks and I do the sides and we just watch a movie and hang out and his mum will watch River,' she shared. 'We do amazing things all the time because of our careers so the most simple thing is our favourite thing.'

Kelly previously discussed what it's like touring around the world for shows with her husband and daughter in tow.

She's shocked by how well baby River adjusts to life on the road.

"She's so weird man, she loves music to go to sleep to, like loud music," Kelly explained on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show. "She's the perfect tour baby; she'll go to rehearsals and when we're all playing she loves it and she can fall asleep and then right when the music stops she starts crying. I really want her to be a doctor or something, but that's alright."
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