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Lady Gaga 'confused by bird' on day off
Lady Gaga kept thinking her tea was ready ' but the noise was just a bird chirping.

The hard-working singer was enjoying some well-deserved down time when she got distracted by an avian outside her window.

The Born This Way star took to Twitter to tell her followers that the winged creature sounded like a household appliance and had her running for the tea kettle.

'There's a bird outside my hotel room that sounds like a boiling teapot! I'm so confused! Keep thinking my Tea is ready then am disappointed (sic)!' she wrote on her profile today.

Gaga may well be suffering from jet lag as she has been touring the world with her music over the last few weeks.

The international pop sensation has been visiting Japan, Thailand and Singapore recently but had to cancel her shows in Indonesia due to protests.

But today she indulged in some much-needed leisure time and shared her day with her loyal fan following via Twitter.

'What a beautiful day! I have the day off. I think I'll dive head first into this bottle of Anejo and write some questionable poetry,' she wrote.
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Lady Gaga
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