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Lady Gaga organises 'Twitter dance party'
Lady Gaga has asked her fans to get their 'hot rods ready to rumble' for a 'Twitter dance party'.

The star was playing her record Born This Way at home when she came up with a novel way to bond with her fans.

She encouraged all of her Twitter followers to put on the same tracks as her and dance along to them.

'Listening to highway unicorn. anyone interested in partaking in a twitter dance party? get your hot rods ready to rumble (sic)!' she tweeted.

The eccentric singer had some inventive ways to interpret her music. She wanted her fans to experience what it is like for her to sing The Edge of Glory on stage, so suggested they create a makeshift dry ice machine out of their showers.

'ok now the edge of glory fist pumping and pretending im lita ford,' she wrote. 'turn the shower on for fogging effect (sic)!'

For the record's title track Gaga asked fans to get creative with their furniture. She also had some styling tips to get in to the spirit of the music.

'Ok now BORN THIS WAY! Side ponytails and neckties? Climbing out from underneath a chair pretending its a vessel. Don't be a drag (sic)!' she typed.

She closed the private dance party with her latest single Marry The Night. The 25-year-old brought out her childlike side by imagining her bed was a classic car.

'Ok, now lets close it out with Marry The Night,' she enthused. 'Pretend your bed is a Trans Am. I am too :) love you (sic).'
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Lady Gaga
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