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Mariah Carey: Health takes discipline
Mariah Carey wants to stay healthy in order to set a 'good example' for her children.

The 41-year-old singer and her husband Nick Cannon welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe into their family in April.

Mariah concentrated heavily on getting herself back into shape after giving birth.

She finds her children to be a major source of motivation in her quest for vitality.

'I have to stay healthy for my kids and I want to set a good example for them,' Mariah told OK! magazine. 'Not that they know anything now - they're only seven months! They're not walking in, asking, 'Mommy, what size are your jeans?' Nobody's doing that, but I think it's important. Health is always important.'

Although Mariah is committed to her fitness goals, she is still frequently tempted by her favourite fatty foods.

'Well, in New York [I like], Sicilian pizza. In Italy, pizza,' she explained. 'I like French fries, too. You know, stuff like that. I also love pasta.'

She is hoping to get fit enough to eat these forbidden delicious foods from time to time without worrying.

'I think I'm in shape, but I'm still on my quest to work out - I want to be healthy enough where I can cheat, and it doesn't matter!'

Mariah is confident that she will reach her fitness goals.

'Well, I had my babies, and now I work out and stay on my diet,' Mariah explained. 'It's just about discipline. Really disciplining yourself.'
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Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey:

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