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Adele doesn't think she'll ever write another song as successful as Someone Like You
The track is taken from her second album 21, which has topped the charts in a number of countries including America and the UK. Adele's version of Someone Like You at this year's BRIT Awards has been viewed over ten million times on video sharing website YouTube. The track is about her ex-boyfriend and the singer broke down in tears as she performed at the ceremony.

Much of 21 is about Adele's former partner. The pair dated for 18 months and she was sure they'd be together forever, but he didn't want to tie the knot. Shortly after their separation she was told he was engaged to someone else, leaving her heartbroken.

'When I found out that he does want that [marriage] with someone else, it was just the horrible-est feeling ever,' she told Q magazine. 'But after I wrote it, I felt more at peace. It set me free. I'm wiser in my songs. My words are always what I can never say [in real life]. But I didn't think it would resonate. with the world! I'm never gonna write a song like that again. I think that's the song I'll be known for.'

Adele had a tumultuous relationship with her ex-partner and much as she misses him she doesn't thinks she'd ever be able to date him again. The end of the romance was characterised by many argument during which a lot of hurtful things were said.

'To the point of no return,' she replied, when asked how bad things got. ' certainly wouldn't forgive him or myself for things we said and did to one another. It was a disaster towards the end. Being romantic is someone being there for you and he wasn't there for me. But every mistake is still a memory. You learn. So I embrace it.'

Despite her success, Adele still struggles with fame. She continually worries she will disappoint when she takes to the stage, causing her to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Although she has been advised to visit a therapist, the 23-year-old has opted for a cheaper alternative.

''ll just talk to my mates about it on Skype til five in the morning and get p**sed,' she laughed.

That's not to say she dislikes her chosen career as it does have some perks. Adele has met her idol Beyoncé Knowles twice, and was astounded when the R&B star remembered her. Beyoncé told Adele she feels as if she's 'listening to God' when she hears her sing, causing Adele to lose composure.

' literally collapsed. Uuuh! Sobbing my heart out, it was like being winded. Highlight of my life, ever,' she laughed.
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