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Kylie Minogue's boyfriend is 'part of the family'
The 'All the Lovers' singer ' who has been dating Spanish model Andres Valencoso since October 2008 ' loves being around the 32-year-old hunk and thinks he has fit in well with her loved ones.

She said: 'He's a very stable, honest, fun guy. He's part of the family.'

The 42-year-old star is currently in Australia and has been spending time with sister Dannii's new baby Ethan ' who was born earlier this month ' which she admits has made her broody.

She said: ' have cuddled him and gazed at him adoringly, he's a little marvel. I am just a little bit clucky.'

However the 42-year-old star - who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005- admitted that her only dream was to be happy and 'not to dream impossible dreams.'

She also said: ' really don't know if that's going to happen for me. All I can say is, we'll see."

If Kylie does go on to raise a family, the singer ' who currently lives in London, England ' would consider following in Dannii's footsteps and returning to her home land.

She admitted: 'Would I come back to Melbourne? Quite possibly, yeah. There's nothing like having a mum around,"

The 'Wow' hitmaker also revealed her first awkward encounter with her nephew at the home Dannii shares with her British boyfriend Kris Smith.

Speaking on Australian TV show 'A Current Affair', she said: 'He had just woken up and was getting ready to have a bath, Dan said, 'Go on, have a nudie cuddle' because he's just so tiny and precious and beautiful.

' did that and then she said, 'Take him to the bathroom', and I did. Carried him through there and Kris had his towel, just a towel wrapped around him.

'And I thought, 'That's OK, because he's just got up'. So we have a chat in the bathroom and I'm thinking, 'The bath's right there. That's an awful lot of water for a little baby'.

'Jetlag, no common sense, then I suddenly realised, 'Oh, you're going in the bath with Ethan. Sorry, that's why you've got a towel wrapped around you. I'll just get out of the bathroom'.'
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Kylie Minogue
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